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National Mask USA

What makes National Mask USA different than foreign made mask?

  • All masks are made in the United States by skilled American labor using 100% American made materials – we comply with the requirements of the Berry Amendment wherein all goods used to produce our Surgical style and KN95 style mask are made in America.
  • Predictable quality vs. mask made in Asia - ISO 13485 certification underway – first audit scheduled for January 2021. NIST 800-171 Compliant.
  • National Mask USA’s current production capacity is over 3-million Surgical style and KN95 style mask per month. In January 2021, our American production capacity will expand to 5-million mask per month upon our move into our new Fort Myers production facility.
  • We offer various production options including individually packaged Surgical style and KN95 style mask; Production capacity allocation (contract manufacturing); Guaranteed delivery schedule option for Surgical style and KN95 style mask; and Private labeling of Surgical style and KN95 style masks.
  • National Mask USA offers low minimum order quantity through our website or by contacting us directly.

Are a few cents more worth it?

When addressing the health and safety of your employees, students, facility, staff, patrons, and family, it’s critical to ensure that the mask you are providing are made with only the highest quality American made materials in a manufacturing facility that follows strict Quality Control guidelines such as ISO 13485.

Why risk safety of a 4-cent mask of unknown origin, unknown consistency, unknown quality, manufactured in unacceptable hygiene conditions by workers who are paid $1.84 – 3.67 an hour?

Buy American mask for predictability and to help preserve American production of Surgical style and KN95 style mask.